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Peptide bioregulators​ are proven to restore​ and improve organ function.
Clinical studies​ have been conducted since 1971 showing amazing effectiveness.
No side effects ​have been detected.
Please select the peptide below for the organ you​'re​ ​concerned about.

Glutrasol IE is a patented specialty supplement developed to improve your immune system. With a well-tuned immune system, you’ll get sick less often. When your immune system is working properly, it helps you feel healthier and more energetic. Protect yourself from viruses and bacterias with Glutrasol IE.
Bundles Anticancer Cardiovascular system Digestive system Endocrine system Excretory system Eyes Female health Immune system Male health Musculoskeletal system Nervous system Respiratory system
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  • Bonomarlot: for bone marrow
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